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Posted on: April 15, 2008 7:14 am

Live Poster Mock Draft Thread!

The Mock Draft will start today at 7:45 pm eastern time. Yes I know I changed it.

If you are not there to draft for your team after your time limit expires I will draft the player for your team.

You have 1 minute to draft so make sure you think ahead of time of who you will draft.

There will be 4 rounds.

Try to be on tis blog at around 7:30 so you are not late.

I will tell you when you are on the clock by saying this: rockr259, the Dolphins are now on the clock. But instead if it is not rockr259 I will put you poster name and team.

Here is a reminder of your teams:

thrashers- Panthers, Raiders

Tranol- Lions, 49ers

jim22753- Cardinals, Ravens

The NY Jets- Jets, Colts

ducnan- Chiefs, Redskins

pokethebear- Packers, Buccaneers

JoKeR117- Giants, Bengals

Cous4th- Bills, Titans

Denvergregs- Broncos, Texans

madmike 1975- Rams, Chargers

rockr259- Dolphins, Jaguars

FSU Boston- Patriots, Seahawks

Fuzzy_Falcon- Falcons, Steelers

MVKrum- Eagles, Saints

uconn_inwa- Bears, Browns

Zach Attack 04- Vikings

CubsFan1908- Cowboys

I gave some of you extra teams so we could start the draft sooner.

Here is the order of the draft:


2. St. Louis

3. Atlanta

4. Oakland

5. Kansas City

6. New York Jets

7. New England (from San Francisco)

8. Baltimore

9. Cincinnati

10. New Orleans

11. Buffalo

12. Denver

13. Carolina

14. Chicago

15. Detroit

16. Arizona

17. Minnesota

18. Houston

19. Philadelphia

20. Tampa Bay

21. Washington

22. Dallas (from Cleveland)

23. Pittsburgh

24. Tennessee

25. Seattle

26. Jacksonville

27. San Diego

28. Dallas

29. San Francisco (from Indianapolis)

30. Green Bay

  • New England (pick forfeited)
31. New York Giants


1. (32) Miami

2. (33) St. Louis

3. (34) Atlanta (from Oakland)

4. (35) Kansas City

5. (36) New York Jets

6. (37) Atlanta

7. (38) Baltimore

8. (39) San Francisco

9. (40) New Orleans

10. (41) Buffalo

11. (42) Denver

12. (43) Carolina

13. (44) Chicago

14. (45) Detroit

15. (46) Cincinnati

16. (47) Minnesota

17. (48) Atlanta (from Houston)

18. (49) Philadelphia

19. (50) Arizona

20. (51) Washington

21. (52) Tampa Bay

22. (53) Pittsburgh

23. (54) Tennessee

24. (55) Seattle

25. (56) Green Bay (from Cleveland)

26. (57) Miami (from San Diego)

27. (58) Jacksonville

28. (59) Indianapolis

29. (60) Green Bay

30. (61) Dallas

31. (62) New England

32. (63) New York Giants


1. (64) Miami

2. (65) St. Louis

3. (66) Kansas City

4. (67) Carolina (from NY Jets)

5. (68) Atlanta

6. (69) New England (from Oakland)

7. (70) Chicago (from San Francisco)

8. (71) Jacksonville (from Baltimore through Buffalo)

9. (72) Buffalo

10. (73) Minnesota (from Denver)

11. (74) Carolina

12. (75) San Francisco (from Chicago)

13. (76) Detroit

14. (77) Cincinnati

15. (78) New Orleans

16. (79) Houston

17. (80) Philadelphia

18. (81) Arizona

19. (82) Minnesota

20. (83) Tampa Bay

21. (84) Washington

22. (85) Tennessee

23. (86) Seattle

24. (87) Detroit (from Cleveland)

25. (88) Pittsburgh

26. (89) Jacksonville

27. (90) Chicago (from San Diego)

28. (91) Green Bay

29. (92) Dallas

30. (93) Indianapolis

31. (94) New England

32. (95) New York Giants

33. (96) Washington (Comp Pick)

34. (97) Cincinnati (Comp Pick)

35. (98) Atlanta (Comp Pick)

36. (99) Baltimore (Comp Pick)


1. (100) Miami

2. (101) St. Louis

3. (102) New York Jets

4. (103) Atlanta

5. (104) Oakland

6. (105) Kansas City

7. (106) Baltimore

8. (107) San Francisco

9. (108) Denver

10. (109) Carolina

11. (110) Chicago

12. (111) Detroit

13. (112) Cincinnati

14. (113) NY Jets (from New Orleans)

15. (114) Buffalo

16. (115) Philadelphia

17. (116) Arizona

18. (117) Minnesota

19. (118) Houston

20. (119) Denver (from Washington)

21. (120) Tampa Bay

22. (121) Seattle

23. (122) Cleveland

24. (123) Pittsburgh

25. (124) Tennessee

26. San Diego (Exercised in 2007 Supplemental Draft)

27. (125) Jacksonville

28. (126) Dallas

29. (127) Indianapolis

30. (128) Green Bay

31. (129) New England

32. (130) New York Giants

33. (131) Philadelphia (Comp Pick)

34. (132) Buffalo (Comp Pick)

35. (133) Baltimore (Comp Pick)

36. (134) Tennessee (Comp Pick)

37. (135) Green Bay (Comp Pick)

I posted that so you would know when your pick is but I will remind you anyway.


Category: NFL
Posted on: April 14, 2008 1:19 pm

Poster Mock Draft starts tomorrow!

Make sure each user knows what teams they are and when the draft will take place. [7:30 pm et April 14 2008]. Please be active then.

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Posted on: April 9, 2008 6:34 pm

Poster Mock Draft

32 posters will each choose one NFL team they would like to represent in our live mock draft.

All players will be warned a day before the draft when the sate will be.

I will remind everyone an hour before draft time.

You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to vote approximately.

If you exceed that time your pick will be forfeited.

The order of the draft is like the NFL draft.

After each pick I will post whatever team you are is on the clock and that is when the time will begin.

Copy and paste the list of posters as it expands.

Here is the list so far:

1. thrashers- Carolina Panthers

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Posted on: March 19, 2008 4:29 pm

A college basketball team without their star...

What teams would do good and what teams would do bad without their star player?

Indiana- Without Eric Gordon I still think Indiana would do well because of D.J. White.

UCONN- With no Jerome Dyson UCONN would be able to do good because Craig Austrie is one of the best sixth man in the country.

USC- O.J. Mayo is almost all they got.

Kansas State- Same problem as USC but with Michael Beasely

UNC- Tyler Hansbrough is not all they got. They would be a #2 or even still a #1 seed without the vicious rebounder.

Tennessee- Chris Lofton carried them decently but not enough that without him they will be kicked out of the tournament.

Any other ideas?

Posted on: March 8, 2008 9:52 am

March Madness!

Should be a good year! Here are my predictions:

ACC- Duke*, UNC, Clemson, Miami [FL], Virginia Tech

Atlantic 10- Xavier*, URI, UMASS, Dayton

America East- UMBC*

Atlantic Sun- Belmont*

Big East- UCONN, Georgetown, Louisville*, Notre Dame, Marquette, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Villanova

Big Sky- Weber State*

Big Ten- Wisconsin, Indiana*, Purdue, Michigan State

Big South- Winthrop*

Big West- Pacific*

Big 12- Texas, Kansas*, Kansas State, Texas A+M

Conference USA- Memphis*, UAB

Colonial Athletic- George Mason*

Independents- Utah Valley State*

Horizon League- Butler*

MAAC- Rider*

Ivy League- Brown*

MEAC- Florida A+M*

Mid-American East- Akron*

Mid-American West- Western Michigan*

Mountain West- BYU*

Missouri Valley- Drake, Southern Illinois*

Ohio Valley- Murray State*

Northeast- Robert Morris*

Patriot League- Navy*

Pac 10- UCLA*, Oregon, USC, Stanford, Washington State

Southern North- UNC-Greensboro*

Southern South- Davidson*

SEC East- Tennessee*, Kentucky, Vanderbilt

SEC West- Mississippi State*, Arkansas

Summit League- IUPUI*

Sun Belt- South Alabama*

Southland East- Lamar*

Southland West- Sam Houston State*

SWAC- Alabama State*

Western Athletic- Boise State*

West Coast- Gonzaga*, St.Marys

[*= conference champions] [I do not know any results in any tournaments]

Category: NCAAB
Posted on: February 24, 2008 3:21 pm

Top College prospects

This should be another good raft with Chris Lofton, Brandon Rush and many other great players coming out of college. I was just wondering who you think the Timberwolves or Super-Sonics will draft first or should be drafted first.

If the Super-Sonics get the first round pick I think they should draft Eric Gordon if he goes into the NBA. If not a guy like Chris Lofton could also help their weak point-guard position and add to their already young team.

The Timberwolves are also weak at the point-guard position and should also take a point-guard like Lofton or Gordon. On the other side of Al Jefferson they need some help so maybe Brandon Rush can full-fill that need?

Top 5 Prospects [my opinion]:

D.J. Augustin

Brandon Rush

Chris Lofton

Eric Gordon

Derrick Low

Any opinions on the draft order?

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