Posted on: March 19, 2008 4:29 pm

A college basketball team without their star...

What teams would do good and what teams would do bad without their star player?

Indiana- Without Eric Gordon I still think Indiana would do well because of D.J. White.

UCONN- With no Jerome Dyson UCONN would be able to do good because Craig Austrie is one of the best sixth man in the country.

USC- O.J. Mayo is almost all they got.

Kansas State- Same problem as USC but with Michael Beasely

UNC- Tyler Hansbrough is not all they got. They would be a #2 or even still a #1 seed without the vicious rebounder.

Tennessee- Chris Lofton carried them decently but not enough that without him they will be kicked out of the tournament.

Any other ideas?

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